Message from the Desk of the Vice Chancellor for the Centenary Celebration of the University of Delhi

A moment comes in the history of every institution when it reaches a landmark in terms of its age and obviously such an event is solemnized with memorable accomplishments in terms of various programmes which have commemorative value and which reflects the legacy of the Institution in its various hues and colours in course of its evolution over the years. Centenary celebration is one such occasion for an Institution.

The dignity of such a prestigious occasion demands celebrations of those forgotten years which many of us have either not witnessed or forgotten. Celebration of such a momentous occasion gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our institutional success, achievements and glory and gives us an opportunity to work with more zeal to achieve larger public good and in effect become constructively instrumental in the nation building in our own way through silent but effective measures. This creates an opportunity for even the last man standing in the queue. Such an occasion also bestows us with an opportunity to introspect on our shortcomings as well as not so memorable moments and take corrective measures through effective analysis and its systematic implementation on the ground level.

Taking a leaf from the above, may I say with great pride and honour that the University of Delhi, a premier Central University of our country with both National and International acclaim and recognition, will be celebrating its Centenary on 0lst May, 2022 through observance of yearlong programmes culminating in the conclusion of the Ceremony on 01st May 2023.

An institution of eminence, the University of Delhi has traversed a long journey which dates back close to a quarter of a century from our independence from the British rule. The pre-independence legacy of the University, involvement of the institution in the national movement, critical developments of the pre-independence era are all the facets of a rich historical legacy and every member of the University community must take pride in it. 

The steady progression of the University in terms of academic, co-curricular achievements as well as social outreach has touched the imagination of our nation and it is largely reflected in the overwhelming pai1icipation of the high school pass outs and young graduates both, in the undergraduate and postgraduate admission processes. There is hardly any nook and corner of the entire country which has remained untouched by the aspirants applying for admissions to this prestigious University. Therefore, it is all the more important that the University community recognizes its intrinsic values nurtured over the years as well as academic and cultural milieu which it provides to a student to grow into a complete human being. These young ambassadors act as agents of ushering in much needed change, contributing towards national development.

While celebrating the Centenary year, we, at the University of Delhi and its constituent and affiliated Colleges, forming an integral part of the University community, may envisage programmes and constructive events which create ample memorable moments for all of us to rejoice not only during the Centenary year but also for the next century as well. We may rededicate ourselves towards cause of furtherance of higher education in our country to help all-round growth and development of the University in particular and academic milieu of the nation at large. Our humble contribution towards our society may be reflected in a more prominent manner through observance of various inclusive as well as innovative endeavors throughout the yearlong celebrations. This would surely be remembered for the time immemorial not only by the beneficiaries of such endeavours but also for the masses.

The University community is looking forward to celebrate this historic occasion with highest sense of humility and pride. Best wishes for a memorable journey ahead. 

Yogesh Singh

University of Delhi